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Painting Procedures...

These are the most common procedures used for residential homes.  For commercial/business property painting, please contact us.

The exterior painting of residential homes include the following:

      Complete pressure washing of the home and pool deck to remove dirt, mold, mildew, insect casts, paint oxidation, etc.

      Trimming of the landscaping plants back away from touching the walls and removal of the trellises from off the walls.

      Repairs made to rusted areas of the window sills, cracks in the stucco filled with appropriate elastomeric caulk & house numbers removed.

      Application of stucco wall sealer to guarantee hurricane rain protection.

      Application of Richard's highest grade semi-gloss#750 paint to soffit/fascias, doors,& ceilings of the home. The colors to be determined by customer.

      Application of Richard's Best #240 elastomeric paint to all stucco walls, chimney ,pillar and trim work to further guarantee no water penetration through the walls. Colors provided by customer.

      Application of Richard's primer and pool deck paint to your decking.

All interior painting  includes the following:

      Application of Richard's highest grade either satin or semi-gloss paints to all walls throughout the home-all bedrooms, baths, kitchen, dinning room, living room., family room, laundry room and any closets of the customers choice.

      Application of Richard's best #750 semi-gloss to all baseboards, wood window sills and pillars. Touch-up any doors and doorways where needed.

      Touch-up any ceilings where needed.

      All cracks and nail holes are to be filled, especially around all windows, top of all baseboards, and around the fireplace trim work.

      Primer where needed such as in the master bedroom and then up to two finish coats as needed.

      Colors to be determined by customer.

* In all cases, the total  project cost includes all paints, materials, workmanship, and insurances.


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